A Nampa Police officer shot a dog that approached him in the line of duty

The video shows a woman failing to control two dogs as she answers the officer’s ring of the doorbell. Both dogs exited the house. The dog that was shot appeared to get out while the woman was attempting to hold back the other one. The officer fired his gun within about 4 seconds of the dog leaving the house. The dog appears to run off after being shot.

“Why are you letting your dogs attack me?” the officer says to the woman.

Later, she tells the officer, “I don’t understand what’s going on. … He doesn’t usually attack people like that.” She added that she was watching the dog for a friend who was in jail.

According to the police department’s earlier press release: “The officer was backed up against the garage and could not go back any further as the dog jumped at the officer attempting to bite him. With the dog coming at him a second time he fired one round from his duty pistol, striking the dog. The shot was fired away from the front entryway and facing down into an empty yard.”

The dog was transported to a veterinarian clinic by a private party after it was located, according to police.

Christina Logan said in a public Facebook post that the animal, named Rebel, was simply jumping up to greet the officer when he fired his weapon in front of her children, shooting the dog.
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By: Live Police Pursuits (71.50)

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