Masks for covid

I have found that fat unhealthy people cant walk with a mask on, some barely walk without one.

These fat unhealthy people complain about it and say it makes them sick.

The other group that cant bear to wear the masks are vain little girls that feel the mask infringes on their right to show off their pride and joy.. their faces. These are the only two categories of mask haters there are.

Which are you?

so much of the shortage of the n95 masks is due to medical use of the masks as one time use. they can be re used. only for yourself though.
How to clean Clean/disinfect
Throw in your oven at 180 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.
remember dont touch the front of the mask or disinfect your hand if you have been wearing it.

poll: Are you a mask hating sissy?

yes, i am a girl and have to show off my face otherwise i am feeling deprived
yes, i am a fat unhealthy slob and cant walk with a mask on because i feel like i will keel over due to my fatness
no, i wear a mask in public out of concern for my health and the health of others


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