One injured when using himself to stop a robbery suspect

This morning about 7 h40 of Tan Long police forces received a robbery on the intersection of Tan Long's intersection, just in front of UBX Tan Long, the police of Tan Long commune are blocked from the intersection of Tan Long commune Long catch the object, when 2 objects run here see the police force of the commune is blocked bèn straight into the force of the commune to find chance to escape but not.

But so sorry for the determination and bravery of the deputy leader of Tan Long commune who blocked these 2 dangerous and active robbers. Even 2 objects are arrested, 1 injured objects are also very heavy. Through the initial investigation both 2 subjects reside in Tan Hung, Bau Bang, Binh Duong.
- video encodings still in process -

After blocking 2 objects, with a strong hit, the vice-captain of Tan Long commune has a very heavy injury, has been injury to the whole body, now has been taken to the emergency to take a picture of the head, leg broken two songs.

The functional force is continuing to investigate.


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Tags: Man injured when using himself to stop robery

Location: Tan Hung, Bau Bang, Binh Duong.