Greece finally celebrates Easter at churches after 40 days, due to coronavirus lockdown

Greece finally celebrates Easter at churches at midnight, on Tuesday, May 26, after 40 days, due to coronavirus lockdown. This decision was taken by the Standing Holy Synod, as due to the coronavirus the Holy Week services were performed behind closed doors and the faithful watched them on television or online. The churches will welcome the faithful, observing all the foreseen measures and instructions of the State.

For the first time ever in history, the Greek Orthodox faithful will celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on a Tuesday, instead of the traditional Saturday midnight liturgy earlier at April in the Spring. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the traditional Pascha (Easter) celebration was moved from April 19 to May 26, so the faithful and pilgrim can join in all the festivities associated with the greatest feast on the Christian calendar.
According to a circular issued recently by the Church of Greece, the Archdiocese urges all churches and monasteries to hold the Divine Liturgy of the Resurrection β€œin order to give the faithful the opportunity to revive the joy of Easter which they were deprived of due to the coronavirus pandemic.”
The Holy Fire arrived on Easter Saturday, April 18, but state authorities had forbidden its distribution to churches β€” and consequently the congregations β€” in an effort to stem the spread of the virus. According to the circular, the Holy Fire will finally be distributed at 11:45 PM on Tuesday, the Sequence of the Resurrection will start at midnight sharp with the solemn ringing of the bells, and the Divine Liturgy of the Resurrection will then follow. It still must be noted, however, that keeping a safe distance between worshippers is essential inside churches. The number of faithful allowed inside each church will be set according to the size of the building. This measure is valid in every building across the country until June 5.


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