Civil policeman kills military police officer

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Civil Police kills Military Police officer in ballad A bump, was enough to begin the misunderstanding between the police. Crime happened in Águas Claras, Distrito Federal, at dawn of this Monday (15), a Woman was also shot and taken to hospital. The reason is not known, in the image it is possible to perceive a bump, then one of the policemen already pulls the gun, then the other policeman tries to get his gun, but he did not give time, and soon and takes several shots.

Police and paramedics were fired by regulars, but unfortunately the Military Police Officer died, a woman who was also hit, was taken to the hospital and is still hospitalized. The fatal victim, was Lieutenant of the Military Police Herison Oliveira Bezerra, 38 years. The accused, is the Civil Police, identified as Péricles Marcos Júnior, 39. He ended up being ligo after the crime, and was charged in flagrante, Pericles, assumed the crime, and said to have acted in self-defense.


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Location: Águas Claras, Federal District, Brasilia - Federal District, 70297-400, Brazil