Baltimore police helicopter captures car crash during an apparent police chase

Accident investigators are probing a multi-vehicle crash that occurred Saturday in Northwest Baltimore during a police pursuit of a stolen vehicle, police officials confirmed to The Sun, which obtained video of the previously undisclosed incident.

Two people are in critical condition, including the driver of the stolen vehicle and a man in a second vehicle that was struck.

The footage, recorded from the police helicopter unit, shows the driver of the stolen car travelling at a high speed along Liberty Heights Avenue, with at least one car appearing to keep pace several car lengths behind.

Though the vehicle, and a second that also pulls up to the crash within seconds, appear to be police units, the Police Department said it could not confirm until the completion of the investigation.

Police said a woman was behind the wheel of what was reported to be a stolen car, and that police attempted to stop her by boxing in the vehicle at a gas station in the 2600 block of W. Patapsco Ave. in the Southern District. A police spokesman said she struck a police cruiser and fled.

The helicopter unit continued to follow the vehicle up to Northwest Baltimore, the spokesman said. The fleeing car can be seen on the video striking one vehicle and then a second as it crosses Callaway Avenue.

Police spokesman Donny Moses said the female driver was listed in critical condition as of the most recent condition check. Police have not announced any charges against the driver. It was not clear what charges the driver is facing.



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