Osprey Comes For Cat tartare, But Gets Hung Up In Balcony Christmas Lights

This just happened. !!!!!! It's a good thing that we have a screen door that secures the opening when the balcony sliding glass door is open. Just as I started thinking about who I might have to call to free the osprey, the rapacious raptor broke free and headed off, back into the wild blue yonder. We have a hawk couple around here, that is locally well known and famous, with a permanent nesting site that is about half a mile away from our condo. We see them in the sky, much of the day, every day. This hawk was obviously one of them..............................and how is YOUR day going?


By: Cipher This (1615.30)

Tags: Liveleakers, hawk, cat tartare, cats as prey, hawk is stuck, hurr, durr