Man bites a police officer hands for almost 10 minutes

In Moldova, a detained drunk driver bit a policeman's hand and clenched his teeth on it for 8 minutes 45 seconds.

The incident occurred in the Hincesti district. The eyewitness, seeing the detention, recorded further events on the video: the man actively resisted the police, and at some point he grabbed his hands on one of the law enforcement officers.

For a long time, the policeman unsuccessfully tried to pull out his brush - he managed to do it after almost 10 minutes. Even tear gas did not help - the violator’s grip turned out to be a bulldog.

When the inspector managed to escape, the detained man, seizing the moment, ran away. As a result of the incident, the policeman had damaged ligaments on his hand, and he needed medical assistance.

It later turned out, as portal reports , that a few minutes before the events on the video, a drunken 25-year-old local resident who was driving the car was stopped by the police and got involved in a scuffle, refusing to undergo a medical examination.

After the escape, the intruder was found and detained for 72 hours. Now he faces criminal charges for assaulting an official.


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Location: Moldova