Two childhood friends took on and BEAT breast cancer together

Two childhood friends took on and beat breast cancer together after being diagnosed just a few weeks apart.

The tear-jerking video shows Amy and Kim ring the "end of cancer" treatment bell together on Tuesday (February 11), after they supported each other through the highs and lows of treatment.

Kim was diagnosed in June of 2019 and Amy was diagnosed soon after on July 5.

Amy told Newsflare: "Kim and I have been friends since we were in 6th grade, when our two small town schools consolidated and became one district.

"Two different types of breast cancer, two different treatment plans, two women determined to beat it and help each other along the way."

Amy and Kim's strong friendship soon because invaluable.

"We have gone wig shopped together, gone to doctors appointments together, laughed, cried and prayed for one another. If we were going to have to go through breast cancer, God did us a favor, having us go through it at the same time."


By: NewsFlare (63750.00)

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