Broken but Unbowed - Porky Speaks


Questioned about Bugsy, the new President, a haggard but defiant Porky speaks to
his base. He rambles like a defeated fighter but still defiant for about 10 minutes.
Here is a flavor of his current look and body language.

Here are some comments of reviewers written in Ukrainian but literally translated for you:

"Zelenski himself digs a pit, and the return of the Regions will only make this pit deeper."

"You show how the head of a great power should speak, and not to nibble something in a piece of paper from a low intelligence .....'

"Petro Oleksiyovych we did not go anywhere. We are with you.'

"Bravo Petro Poroshenko !!! You are the only one who can protect Ukraine from the revenchists! We are with you! The enemies have returned !!!"

"A president who discovered the history of a new Ukraine, free and independent, despite the aggression of the neighbor! Bravo Gunpowder!"

"The First Lady is a garnish! And, you our president --- a real man!"

"I still can not figure out how you could vote for a clown and a puppet, having such a guarantor (of the constitution).
The pro-Muscow jackals do not plan to the good."

"Many evil heads raise. Cut these heads Alekseevich (meaning Porky) at the very root !!!!"

Currently Porky is now facing additional Corruption charges in addition to the Kerch Treason case.
Perhaps he will be defiant to the end, like Saddam was.

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By: Jim Jackson (1041.80)

Tags: Ukraine