Jaws of Life Used, Driver Survived

Davi Cardoso, 35, has been miraculously found alive inside the footwell of his car after a crash in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

According to road traffic police, the accident was allegedly caused by the driver of another heavy goods vehicle who made a dangerous manoeuvre which precipitated the series of near tragic events.

Military police officer, Sergeant Fabiano Silva said to Brazilian Record TV: 'A truck in front of the red lorry apparently changed lanes without warning, forcing the driver of the red lorry to hit his brakes.

'Davi was travelling right behind the truck and was forced to slam on his brakes too.

'We believe the lorry behind Davi couldn't stop in time and it ploughed into his car.

'It literally rode over and came to rest on top of his vehicle with the heavy weight of the cab crushing and sandwiching it underneath the rear axle of the red truck in front.'



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