In a mass accident at the intersection, the driver of the GAZelle "Holy Spring" died

The traffic police in Novosibirsk reported the details of the accident. The driver, born in 1994, was driving a Svyaz Istochnik company gazelle from Mochischensky Highway towards Severnaya Street. At the intersection, the car drove into a yellow traffic light, according to eyewitnesses. At the same time, Lexus turned onto Zhukovsky Street. A collision has occurred.

“From the impact, the Lexus turned around and collided with the Ford, which was in a U-turn behind the Lexus. Next, GAZelle hit a light pole and a Volkswagen car parked at house 78 on Zhukovsky Street, ”said Vladislav Savchenkov, inspector of the propaganda group of the Novosibirsk traffic police.

The driver of the GAZelle from a blow as a result of an accident died on the spot. The remaining drivers, according to eyewitnesses, were not injured.

The editors of Vesti are trying to find out the details of what happened.


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Tags: vehicles, accident

Location: Novosibirsk