Angry People Pelt US Vehicles With Fruits As They Pass Through Qamişlo, Syria

A convoy of US military vehicles was pelted with fruit and stones while traveling through Qamishli, near Syria’s border with Turkey, on October 21. The incident came after US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said troops pulling out of the region would head to western Iraq to continue the fight against Islamic State. A correspondent for the ABC reported seeing US armored vehicles pelted with stones and rotten fruit, while local news outlet Hawar (ANHA) shared video of civilians holding up images of dead Kurdish fighters while congregating around the vehicles. The previous evening, residents in Qamishli staged a small demonstration, standing in front of US military vehicles and holding aloft signs addressed to “the US Army who are leaving northeast Syria”. One sign read, “Tell your children that the children of the Kurds were killed by the Turks, and we did nothing to protect them.” Credit: ANHA



By: Sircliffe (1505.70)

Tags: US, Retreat, Syria, Qamişlo, 2019