Jet ski driver completes one of the greatest rescues in big wave surfing history (Drone + RAW footage)

Action starts with Professional Big Wave Surfer Lucas Chumbo getting towed into a huge wave in Nazaré, Portugal, during the big wave session of November 20th, 2019, which was one of the biggest days of this Winter season in Praia do Norte.

After an impressive ride, Chumbo exits the wave successfully and waits for his team mate Ian Cosenza (on the jetski) to pick him up before the next waves rolls in. This wave was not the last on the set, a bigger one approaches, so the rescue needs to be done quickly as Chumbo is now on the inside, which is the most dangerous spot in Praia do Norte, also known as the impact zone.

Cosenza reaches Chumbo in a matter of seconds, Chumbo grabs the sled and they speed up to outrun the upcoming wave. Cosenza has to go full speed and needs critical control to avoid the bumps in the water that can easily flip the jet. Given this was a high period swell, waves are faster than usual (reaching speeds of 60mph) and eventually the monster wall of white water that is chasing them, end up swallowing the jetski and both surfers.
When something like this happens it generally doesn’t end well, but incredibly and against all odds, Ian Cosenza saved the day successfully riding the jetski out of the white water and putting them both out of harm’s way (in the same session, two other jetskis were washed by the huge surf with one ending up heavily damaged).

The WSL (World Surf League) already called this episode as “one of the craziest rescues ever seen”, and the hundreds of people watching the surf action from the Cliff in Praia do Norte were all stoked with this rescue.

But it was not just about luck for Ian Cosenza, this Brazilian Big Wave Surfer is an experienced waterman and was previously involved in other spectacular rescue sequences. Lucas Chumbo, also from Brazil is no stranger in this kind of game, he’s been surfing in Nazaré since 2016 and was also involved in one of the most dramatic rescue episodes of all times known as the “Big Ugly”, at age 24, Chumbo is currently one of the most proeminent Big Wave Surfers in the World, he won the Best Performance award at the prestigious Big Wave Awards last season and clinched the WSL Nazaré Challenge and Puerto Escondido Challenge titles in previous years.

After this incident, both surfers returned to the outside and they were catching waves on the very next set, this kind of live threatening situations are considere “business as usual” for them.

Praia do Norte beach, near the fishing village of Nazaré, has become famous worldwide for huge waves in 2011, when Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara set a world-record for the largest wave ever surfed at 78-foot at the time, in 2017 that record was broken by Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa, setting the bar at 80-foot.

Drone Footage:
Land Footage:


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Location: Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal