Trump Considers Suspension Of Military Aid To Ukraine

US president Donald Trump is considering to block $250 million in military aid to Ukraine. media reports that White House has begun to notify relevant agencies and members of Congress about it. After USA under predecessor Barrack Obama supported illegal armed coup in Ukraine that brought to power pro-Western oligarchs and right wing extremists, country broke apart and sunken in to economic crisis and civil war. Regime in power in Kiev became heavily dependent on financial and military handouts from the USA and it's European satellites.

Donald Trump have criticized unsuccessful policies of Barack Obama in Ukraine and elsewhere already during election campaign and that criticism found resonance among US voters. Moreover investigations in to Russia collusion scandal have revealed that Ukrainian regime and Soros connected Ukrainian lobbyists in the USA like Chalupa sisters have actively conspired with DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign against Donald Trump during elections.




By: krak.en (6232.20)

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