Wesley Willis - They threw me out of church!

RIP Wesley Willis. The most important black person you'll ever learn about.

Once upon a time,
I was cursing in Daniel's Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church
I called one of the deacons a mother fucker
Reverend Henry E. Miller preached about my vulgar language
He told the congregation in the sanctuary that I got a nasty filthy mouth
They threw me out of church
For the second time I told the preacher to fuck off
I also told Rev Henry E. Miller to suck a male camel's dick
He got so tired of my bullshit
He told one of the deacon's to throw me out
He then escorted me to the door
They threw me out of church
When I went to church that same Sunday, I picked up a 2x4
I went up to the pulpit and clocked the preacher in the head
He fell to the floor unconscious
Suddenly (!), the police was called on me
I then ran out of the church with a grin on my face being chased after by the cops
They threw me out of church



By: Emperor_Of_Cats (303.20)

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