Yellow vests and repression in France. (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Since November 17, yellow vests have been demonstrating every Saturday in French cities against tax increases and for a participatory democracy. The repression of this popular movement is unheard-of violence and is the subject of a media blackout. Many still seem to ignore that the movement of yellow vests is:
• 12 dead, including an 80-year-old woman who died after a grenade shot.
• Thousands of arrests and convictions.
• Thousands of wounded, including dozens of blinded in one eye and severely mutilated.
• Hundreds of yellow vests bugged by the police.
• The use of armed police squadrons on motorcycles (... same as in Iran or Venezuela).
• Dozens of armored vehicles deployed in major cities.
• General misinformation about the movement from the government and some media.

We have set ourselves the objective of disseminating as widely as possible (particularly internationally) the state of the French government's disproportionate and unjustified repression and the seriousness of the injuries and mutilations inflicted on the yellow vests. We are also launching a kitty to support the severely disabled from the movement of yellow vests.

Support kitty for the mutilated yellow vests and for raising national and international public awareness of the French government's violent repression.


By: Legiletjauneinconnu (27.80)

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