Bus full of passengers rescued using backhoe after getting stuck in flash flood in the Philippines

A bus full of passengers was rescued after getting stuck in a flooded river in the Philippines on (February 22).

The silver jeepney vehicle was carrying more than a dozen locals as well as food supplies for their village.

But it was submerged by a flash flood from heavy rain while driving through the river in Antique province.

Footage shows how local construction workers used a backhoe excavator to drag the bus to safety after its engine cut out.

Aron Paller from the nearby town of San Remigio said that the jeepney's engine suddenly stopped after a flash flood hit them as they crossed.

He said: "We were not hurt, but all the food was wet. We are still thankful that help came immediately."

The San Remigio town locals are using rafts to cross the river during rainy season but the rafts can only carry a few people and heavy items so they used the jeepney to cross.

Aron also said that local officials promised to build a bridge immediately after the incident has been reported.


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