The death of the shocking blogger Pavel Petel was on video

Famous for the images of a glamorous woman, the shocking Ukrainian blogger Pavel Petel crashed to death in an accident in the Moscow region. The moment of the accident was shot by a surveillance camera.

A fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of April 4 in Podolsk, at the 38th kilometer of Simferopol highway, when Petel was returning from the migration center after applying for a patent for work.

The frames show how a Mercedes-Benz, whose driver took the blogger to the metro, flies off the roadway and crashes into a parked wagon at speeds above 160 kilometers per hour. The blow was fatal for three people, including Petel, another got to the hospital.

Information about the terrible accident appeared in local publics on the same day, however, it was only today that his friends knew that Petel had died in it, since the shocking blogger, often dressed as a woman, had no relatives in Russia.



By: ThisIsButter (42247.20)

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