None-Year-Old Girl Rescued After Robber Cuts Her Throat And Murders Family

This is the harrowing moment a nine-year-old girl was rescued on a chair hours after having her throat slit - and seeing her grandmother and sister murdered. Aparat Samruay woke up on Sunday morning at 3am when she heard her grandmother Mali Imsawat, 67, grappling with a meth-crazed robber at their home in Samut Prakan, Thailand. The girl went into another room to see what had happened and witnessed the intruder slash the throat of the pernsioner and Aparat's elder sister, Itya, 12. He then murdered the family's pet cat ''to stop it from making noise''. Aparat was found later that morning sitting on a chair with blood pouring from a gaping wound in her neck exposing her windpipe. She was conscious, had her eyes open but was too afraid to go outside. Aparat was taken to hospital where medics gave her stitches. She is still in hospital but is stable, walking around and talking.Officers launched a manhunt after neighbours said they had seen a local welder named Phoula, 21, wandering out of the home with blood-stained clothes on Sunday morning. Jewellery and cash were missing from the home. The attacker, of Laos nationality, fled to a border town 450 miles away and was sitting in a cafe drinking a beer to celebrate allegedly selling the proceeds of the robbery for 7,500 baht believing he was about to escape. But immigration cops had been alerted to his details and he was arrested on Monday night while trying to board a ferry in Mukdahan province to cross the Mekong River in Laos.


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Location: Samut Prakan, Thailand