The car was torn in two after a collision with a pillar

The trip of the 20-year-old Toyota Mark II owner through the streets of his native Novokuznetsk ended tragically: the car flew off the road, crashed into a pole at full speed and rammed three more cars. The 22-year-old girl who was in the passenger seat died on the spot. The moment of the accident fell into the lens of the surveillance camera.

The accident occurred on the evening of July 6 on Ermakova Avenue. The frames show how the car was literally torn into two parts after it crashed sideways into the lighting mast. Witnesses who arrived in time helped the driver to get out, but his passenger could no longer be saved.

Lihach was sent for a medical examination. It is known that for six months he was fined nine times for various violations, including four times for speeding.



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