Photographer captures four-way elephant seal battle in Argentina

A photographer captured four elephant seals "play fighting" on a remote beach in Argentina.

This rare footage was captured in the area of Ponta Delgada, a small section of a wild peninsula on the east coast of the country, in March 2019.

Two pairs of elephant seals are seen thrashing into each other.

Ewan Wilson, the filmer told Newsflare: "These elephant seals are practicing for when they're older and have females to defend.

"I can tell that these are sub-adult males due to their size. These young guns are around three to four meters, and adults will get to the grand size of six meters.

"Males fighting in dominance battles are far more brutal and graphic. They don't give their opponents a chance to rest, but these guys fight and then rest together."



By: NewsFlare (80361.00)

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