Monitor lizard caught after getting stuck in under car

A chubby monitor lizard stuck was caught after getting stuck under a car. 

The reptile invaded a home but was chased out by the family in Ayutthaya, central Thailand on Wednesday afternoon (May 20).

It took refuge under a red Honda. But when the local animal handlers arrived, it was too fat to be pulled out.

Mechanics had to come and lift the car on a jack so the Asian water monitor lizard could be captured.

Rescue worker Supan Punnin, 19, said the monitor lizard was exhausted from trying to wriggle out from under the car.

He said: "While we were waiting for a mechanic, the reptile was still wriggling trying to escape. When they lifted up the car it was so tired.''

The exhausted reptile was tied up and released back into the wild.



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Location: Thailand