Recruit by Fraternal Order to Eavesdrop on Farmers to steal land for Town Hall Mafia?

The key to the future, is the past. What sort of "stuff" was being done by the biggest corporations, banks, and the officials who were publicly corrupt from the early 1980s, and are they up to the same "stuff" now, except on the biggest scale in the history of the world?

I overheard my father talking to his friend when they both had to much Scotch about 1980, or 1981, and I was still in high school. My father wanted me busted for hard drugs so I would do 5 to 15 years in prison even though I was not yet 18, because even though he was the richest man probably 10 streets in all directions, in Wilbraham, Massachusetts USA. My father was the corporate version of the CIA for Monsanto out of the Springfield Mass chemical plant. [more background] So, I wanted to get out of his cross-hairs for my life's destruction, as my first memory is of him holding me by my neck, shaking me unconscious, and choking me out.

I didn't do hard drugs, and didn't hold marijuana for friends because my father wanted me busted on any excuse. My father let me drink on a night with friends, my insurance expired at midnight that night, and my father woke me up while on sleeping on the couch, and something that wasn't done in my neighborhood, park my car out in the street.My father demanded that I move my car into the street, and I told my father since I had been drinking, and my insurance was expired that I didn't want to move my car into the street. Told me to do it or I was kicked out of the house. I went out, did it, and as soon as the back of the car was 3 feet backed out the driveway, I saw blue lights and then pulled back into driveway.

The Wilbraham cop asked me why my father would want me busted. I told the cop that my father hated me before I was even born and that I knew how he would befriend self-employed and small business people to gather information to pass on information to the police, IRS, or whomever could dismantle that "friend's" life. That cop told me that he would find me at a later date to tell me something. I was just let off for DUI, driving while intoxicated, and for not having insurance on a motor vehicle which could have landed me in prison up to a year. What I didn't know was there was a large baggy of marijuana, individual packets of all sorts of different color pills, and packets of a white powdery substance in rectangular packets that I saw for the first time.

I unwrapped one of the rectangular packets that was under debris I had in center console of my 1968 Plymouth Satellite with 383 posi-traction and enough horsepower to light up both tires and almost do a wheely, at least in my mind, at the time. It was an actual muscle car that would be worth up to 6 figures today. I was in the McDonald's Parking lot across from Eastfield Mall in Springfield, Mass, and it was about 2 week later when I found the stash of drugs in my car, and assumed it was there 2 weeks prior to basically end my life as I once knew it, my father wanted an excuse to disown me.

In school a student who I had never talked to wanted me to hold $500 to hide drugs for him, after I was at the stand up urinals in the center of Minnechaug Regional High School. I wanted $500 just for hiding the drugs for the guy, but became very suspicious, as I thought that had something to do with my father trying to set me up for prison. I didn't do it.

The same cop pulled me over near the golf course in town, and asked me how much I had to drink. I told him I lost count at 12 Molson Ales, and that I had all the empties and a bag of plastic cups for from the beer keg party I was just at. The cop told me to lock my keys in the car. I told that this car wouldn't let you lock your keys in the car as the keys were needed to lock it. Cop told me to humor him and throw my keys in the car, and walk home. I did. The cop said he would come talk to me.

The Wilbraham Cop said that there were surveillance cameras in the smoking area at the High School and there was a female officer who was doing a sting and there were going to be mass arrests and that I was the #1 target of the sting. I was told what to do, and that if I said anything, because of the police union can rig court cases either way, I would spend the rest of my life in prison, or end up dead, if I ratted the cop out for telling on him, or if I did anything to disrupt the sting.

My father just plain hated me. He gave me a $100 bill and said that when he was my age he really needed $100 for a date that would have been the best ever. I was suspicious. My father had a meltdown when I had friends, age 4 and so went off the deep end in Ludlow, Massachusetts, parents would not let their children play over at my house because my father was considered criminally insane, not just because he worked at Monsanto responsible for DNA damage, birth defects, and possibly millions of deaths in Vietnam due to millions of tons of Agent Orange being sprayed out of airplanes during that war. My father got angry if anyone treated me with any respect all the way up, if I had friends, or especially if I had a girlfriend.

My father didn't enjoy his childhood, and I expect that he has some butticus interuptus, possibly from a priest, or his oldest brother where he grew up on a farm above Fargo, North Dakota. The farmhouse had no electricity, nor indoor plumbing. It got as cold as the artic in the Winter. The nearest neighbor was more that 7 miles away. My father grew up in a windowless closet with 2 older brothers, and one younger one. I can't imagine what he went through, and his anger of his upbringing.

Back to being age 17, I am at a keg party about 300 yards from where I lived with my two younger sisters and father in Wilbraham, Mass, as my mother may have already left him, as his idea of foreplay was punching her in the face. The father and son owned dogs, or dog, who shredded my little sister, Michele's cat to death, Nikki was the cutest black cat that I have ever seen. When I was at that keg party, an undercover police officer in her 20s, I received, and gave oral sex too. She told me that she would get completely naked for me and F' my brains out, if I bought cocaine for $100 for her, and she had $100.

I wanted the sex, but figured I wouldn't get it, but would get hancuffs instead. I didn't know she wasn't a student and was the uncover female police officer, until the moment she wanted me to buy her cocaine.

It wasn't long later that there was a police raid like no other I have seen on television since. And this was at a upper middle class high school where it was assumed that either kids either didn't do drugs, or if they did, because of their connections, they would never be arrested or go to court. The scariest Mafia figures in town knew who my father was, and were very afraid to not get in his bad graces.

To escape my father, and to be able to actually go to college, life unmolested, I considered leaving home before I finished high school, going to North Dakota and finishing high school, and then going to college in Fargo. The cop who first pulled me over suggested that I get away from my father, enlist in the military, get a security clearance, work for or with police or federal law enforcement, and then I could be immune from whatever my father tried to do to me.

I talked with Cass County Sheriffs. I could make money "off the clock" $500 to $2000 a week, as farmers were trying to get chemical companies in legal trouble for their mafia control of fertilizers and seeds and were trying to expose the public corruption involved in eliminating family farmers. If farmers lands were separated into McMansions the towns could make 10,000 times more taxes from same land.

The heads of Cass County Sheriffs were impressed with my upper arm strength, and thought I was a homosexual. For going to see wives of farmers, or their kids, I was supposed to say that their farmer father has sex with me, or to find another way to cause a divorce where the farmer's property would be sold for pennies on the dollar.

I was offered a lineman's truck, with a bucket, and I would dress up like I worked for the telephone company, or electric company, and then tap into phone lines on the top of poles, eavesdrop, find out the comings, and goings of farmers, so I would have enough background information to set up targets for drunk driving and/or a honey trap, or be able to know enough about a target to make up a false police report, or to make the target look like they were homosexual, or a child molester to ruin the farmer's reputation.

The Cass County Sheriffs, North Dakota, also wanted me to find underage girls who were drinking excessively or liked drugs that could be used by the Sheriffs for personal prostitutes, for honey traps, and for cops to make even more side money.

I would have had a get out of jail for free card for life, and made well into 6 figures and I had even graduated high school yet. I didn't do it. I told no one about this until this post, as I wanted somewhere to hide from the above behavior, and just wanted to settle down, have children, and live out my life in peace, even from my teens.

I figured my father had to die before I could enjoy my life and have my driver's license address, and my actual address match, where I could get married, have children, and live my life in peace. He is 80, I am 56, and I am still waiting for him to die ...

The above is to my best belief and knowledge. This is something that I will testify under oath if there is a US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the above. So UN/Demma Commie Rat censors at LiveLeak, do you wanna ... ? This is actual news, and if LIveleak is legitimate, this post will be allowed to remain up and visible for all to see.


By: SvenVonErick (1837.72)

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