MH17 and the political battle for justice

The world took a collective breath of disbelief when Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was “shot out of the sky” on July 17, 2014. The incident killed all 298 people onboard, including 38 Australians. It was a shocking sight to see the charred remains of the passenger aircraft near the sunflower fields of Eastern Ukraine. The plane was shot down in a warzone, a contested area, controlled by the Russian separatists suspected of shooting down the plane. The tensions between Russia and Ukraine created crash scene chaos as locals picked through the remains and Russian-backed Rebels did not allow international crews in to investigate the incident or retrieve the deceased. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop rallied the United Nations trying to get resolution to call for the Rebels to allow access and start to piece together who was responsible for the tragedy. This Australian Story clip shows how Ms Bishop “got Russia over the line” by conveying how the loss of three Australian children was a symbol of the senselessness of the incident and the need for justice. A behind-the-scenes look at how Ms Bishop was working to convince Russia to admit responsibility and compensate families of the victims.



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