Gay men ? No problem, in EU can now buy a baby

Do you want to buy a baby? In Brussels there is the fair of the womb for rent

For the fourth time "Men Having Babies" has opened its doors in Brussels in spite of national and international laws. All inclusive packages for sale at $ 160,000. With what courage does Europe still speak of rights?

With what courage does Europe speak of rights? With what face do you meet to discuss reception, migrants, transparency, integrity, equality? From September 22nd to 23rd the " Men Having Babies " fair is held for the fourth consecutive year in Brussels, in the heart of the European Union , dedicated to gay couples who want to buy a child with a rented womb.

THE CATALOGS. Inside the rooms of the luxurious Hilton hotel, crowds of distinguished and wealthy men handle catalogs printed on glossy and glossy paper. Photos of the women who give birth to "their" children, the surrogates, and who will sign special contracts that will force them to renounce those newborn babies carried for nine months will flow.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Homosexual couples who go to the fair browse through the "satisfied or reimbursed" offers to get bespoke children at variable prices, depending on the "quality". They range from a minimum of $ 95,000 to a maximum of 160,000. They consult complete packages with all the services: psychological support, legal assistance, supply of eggs and even sperm (when necessary), supply of surrogate mother, flights and hotels in the countries identified where to have her give birth, and so on.

SALE OF CHILDREN. The sale of children is done in the light of the sun, in suits and ties, wallets in hand, in spite of local laws and international conventions. In fact, in 2015, did the European Parliament not condemn the uterus for rent as a form of exploitation of women? So why doesn't any member of Parliament leave the room and go to check what happens a few kilometers away?

CHILDREN WITHOUT MOTHERS. In 2015, has the Commission for Institutional Affairs of the Belgian Senate not unanimously ruled against "gestation for others"? So why doesn't any senator, not to mention the senators, protest against a fair that takes place for the fourth consecutive year? And in 1989, Belgium did not sign the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, according to which "every child has the right to know his parents and be raised by them"? So why does the government not oppose the publication of a practice that sells children without a mother?

AND THE LAW? And does the Convention itself not provide that the signatory states "take all appropriate measures at the national, bilateral and multilateral level to prevent the kidnapping, sale or trafficking of children for any purpose and in any form"? But what do you do at the Hilton hotel if you don't sell children to the highest bidder?

THE EU LOSES THE FACE. If for the fourth consecutive year "Men Having Babies" takes the trouble to bring together the best experts in the field and bring them to Belgium, it means that business is going well. It means that people buy. Also this year, despite the protest of brave individuals, the fair has opened its doors. Go on like this then. But the European Union is no longer talking about rights. He lost his face.


By: Kisska (2433.40)

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