US teen split dyes her hair NEON green

This teen from Hillsborough, North Carolina, decided to amp up her look and change her split dye from pink and black to neon green and black.

The clip, filmed on August 20, shows 15-year-old Kimee Davila Sanchez bleaching her roots before applying a colour remover mixture to take out the pink dye.

The 15-year-old is then seen applying the neon green dye.

Kimee explained: "After having my hair half pink for about a month, I thought it would be a fun idea to dye my hair neon green."

"After my hair was all bleached, I put on the neon green dye and waited about an hour to wash it off to make sure the dye was pigmented and stayed on! After washing it off, I fell in love with the results and got so many nice complaints about it," she added.


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Location: USA