Sheriff’s deputy puts woman in chokehold during arrest

Newly obtained bodycam footage appears to show a McHenry County sheriff’s deputy, who is now under criminal investigation, put a woman into a chokehold during an arrest.

he Woodstock Police Department responded around 5 a.m. June 17 to Blain’s Farm and Fleet, 11501 Route 14, for a report of a burglary.

Four people, identified as William M. Culley, Benjamin M. Holden, Andrea R. Nielsen, and Cody A. Shambo, were located by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.

They were found to be in possession of a vehicle and an open trailer that contained two riding lawnmowers, Lieb said.

The two riding lawnmowers and trailer were confirmed to be property of Blain’s Farm and Fleet and had been stolen from the business.

During the four suspects’ arrest, a McHenry County sheriff’s deputy can be seen on a Woodstock police officer’s bodycam approaching a vehicle.

The sheriff’s deputy pulls out a woman, identified as Nielsen, from the passenger seat of the vehicle.

The deputy then appears to put Nielsen in a chokehold as she resists arrest.


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Location: Illinois