That went well...sort of!

A man who was allegedly filmed performing burnouts in his $100,000au Mercedes Benz has been charged after the luxury car burst into flames.
Emergency crews were called to Chester Hill, in Sydney's western suburbs, on Sunday after the AMG C63S coupe caught fire.
The 25-year-old driver was filmed revving the black coupe on a suburban street in front of a crowd of onlookers.
Smoke began to billow from the exhaust, prompting the driver and his passengers to flee the car.
After arriving on the scene, first responders were told the car had by chance caught fire while being driven down the street.

However police soon realised the driver had allegedly been trying to perform a burnout after they found video footage being circulated online.
The driver, passengers and witnesses escaped injury, but the Mercedes was destroyed by the explosion.
The driver, who owns the car, was charged with drive manner dangerous, and negligent driving.
He will appear in Bankstown Local Court on March 11.


By: VagabundoR1 (11670.26)

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Location: Sydney, Australia