15 Years ago this week, the Star Wars kid became famous!

The sad but inspiring story behind one of the first victims of cyberbullying

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Dubbed “Star Wars Kid”, 15-year-old Quebec schoolboy Ghyslain Raza went on to achieve unwanted international fame, after the footage– which he had never intended to release online – was shared across the world. It’s difficult to count how many times it’s been viewed, but some estimates (via NBC) place the figure at over a billion.


On November 3, 2002, Raza made a of himself swinging a golf ball retriever around as a weapon. The was filmed at his high school studio, and he accidentally left the tape in a basement. It was taped over a portion of a basketball game (as seen extremely briefly at the end of the clip). The was discovered by a schoolmate, whose friend created an electronic file from the tape. The was distributed amongst his school's students. A student (Cory Homertziem) uploaded it to the Internet with the title Jackass_starwars_funny.wmv.[2] The eventually became a Internet meme through P2P services.[3] According to court transcripts, the first appeared on the Internet on the evening of April 14, 2003.[4] The was uploaded to YouTube on 15 January 2006, by the user "Jimi Love", and has since, as of March 2018, acquired over 34,000,000 views.[5]


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