Three killed in Ethiopian military MI-8 helicopter crash inside United Nations compound

Ethiopian Military Helicopter crashed in Abyei, Sudan and three people on board are killed, says a report by DW Amharic today. Eight others are said to be in critical condition.
The helicopter crashed in Abyei where Ethiopia had a successful peacekeeping mission, as claimed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.
23 passengers were on board of UNO 379P Ethiopian Military Helicopter when it crashed in the premises of UNISFA, according to DW Amharic report.
The report added that the MI-8 helicopter was carrying Ethiopian soldiers transferred from Kadugli to Abyei, the region’s provisional security force is cited as saying.
Cause of the accident is not established yet and Head of United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei, General Gebre Adhana Woldezgu, is cited as saying that it is under investigation.


By: MickeyBoy (1949.70)

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Location: Abyei