Racist Boston Art Museum Shames Black Kids ---- America's Next Great Race Hoax

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has issued a public apology after a middle school teacher took to social media to claim her students had been subjected to racial abuse during a field trip last week.

Marvelyne Lamy, who teaches the seventh grade at the Davis Leadership Academy in Dorchester, Massachusetts, said that her students had been ‘racially profiled’ during an excursion to the museum on May 14.

However, although the students claim the museum staff told them "No drinks, no food, no watermelon," a museum spokesperson says the employee actually said "No drinks, no food, no water bottles."

Apparently the students' teacher got triggered when another random museum visitor criticized one of the students for 'twerking' in front of an exhibit.
"That's when I had it," Marveline Lamy said. "I told them, we are leaving, right now!"

"Furthermore, when I told the racist security guard that I did not appreciate him following my students, he told me "I'm just doing my job, ma'am.""

Within hours of the student's visit, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts issued a formal apology to the students, faculty and parents of Davis Leadership Academy. They also promised to investigate the allegations of racist behavior from staff and museum patrons.



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