Trump's Ambassador Celebrates LGBTI in Russia

On the even of Russia adopting a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a (biological) man and a (biological) woman, Trump's US Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, produced a video promoting "LBGTI" rights and celebrating the US Supreme Court's recent unlawful and corrupt decision extending Title VII civil right protections to gays and transgenders.

Not because the US tries to "meddle" in foreign countries' affairs - no, no, no, the US would never be so hypocritical. For example, the US would never recognize a self-appointed dictator that nobody in a foreign country knows as that foreign country's leader. It would never invade a foreign country because it doesn't like the government. It would never support "color revolutions" in other countries. Because the US gets really really mad if a citizen of a foreign country places some Facebook ads with political (but not electoral) overtones.


By: CalDre (1010.60)

Tags: Russia, LGBTQ, Pride, Interference, Imperialism, Cultural Marxism, Hypocrisy, Trump, Con-Man

Location: Moscow, Russia