A HERO kills drug dealers that extorted his younger brother!

This young man is a commercial mariner, he came back from his last paid job only to discover his younger brother is being extorted by some local drug dealers that are good known to police but because of corruption and laws written to help politicians protect their criminal friends, criminals dont get jailed even after repeated and non stoping criminal acts so this young man decided to shoot 3 of them in middle of day in Split, a popular tourist attraction of Adriatic and second largest city of country. He killed 2 on one location, then the third one just one street away.
This is a clear raction to corrupt laws and judiciary system that has been growing and being a cancer on this amazing country. Corrupt circus of politicians, criminals and state institutions being used as private property constantly and it keeps escalating not getting better but worse meaning the institutions themselves are the cause of corruption, not the tool of corruption.


By: ViktorAkula (576.70)

Tags: Croatia, corrupt, police, corruption judiciary, europe, liberal, socialist utopia, corrupt laws, corrupt healthcare, corrupt yugoslavia, communist party

Location: Split, Croatia