Mamma mia! Dear MR President Biden

SpeakItaly strange salutation for the new President of USA (informal and mysterious speech):


Dear MR President:

Anyone who opens an atlas will notice that the
our peninsula is perfectly
embedded in the waves we are surrounded
from the sea we call Mediterranean but
who in hindsight has become a medium
ocean or globalization
maritime first introduced by the empire
British then from the American one
now challenged by the Chinese it uses the
Mediterranean as an intermediary between hindo
pacific to the east and the Atlantic to the west
Italy is at the center of the middle there were
one can imagine geopolitical position
more comfortable promising?
frankly I think not
one can imagine a worse use of
this position?
Equally no.

What we propose is above all a
analytical panorama of how we Italians
we are related to the sea
from the military strategic point of view
first of all because everything starts from
safety even if we Italians
we reverse the order we think everything
start from the pay and then obviously the
commercial maritime trade aspects
unfortunately for us in this sea it is
far enough maybe too
inexplicable too often we imagine
of having to cling to the alps
not to drown in the African sea
luckily things are slightly more
complex and would be even more
promising by the time this
country regain consciousness of his


By: SpeakItaly (4064.20)

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