Porsche auto center director knocked down a woman and dragged her

In St. Petersburg, a driver on a Porsche Cayenne hit a girl and dragged a few meters under the car.

A video of a traffic accident appeared on social networks, which occurred on Cast-iron Street, 14. The footage shows how the car begins to move and suddenly runs into a walking girl. As it turned out, everything happened on October 15th.

At the wheel of an SUV was a 30-year-old car center owner. Under the wheels was a 24-year-old Petersburger. According to preliminary data, the girl received moderate injuries.

Traffic police continue to investigate all the circumstances of the accident. There is no information yet why the car hit a young woman.



By: ThisIsButter (37329.20)

Tags: car lose control, ran over woman, vehicles, Accident

Location: St. Petersburg