Thai family shocked after finding cobra inside kitchen rice pot

A Thai family were shocked when they found a cobra coiled up inside a kitchen rice pot.

Alongkoen Wiset saw the snake slither into his house in Krabi, southern Thailand on May 15. He followed the reptile into the kitchen but lost sight of it.

Snake catchers arrived and found the 5ft cobra coiled up inside a small bamboo sticky rice container.

The snake was startled and slithered down to the floor to hide under the sink but it was eventually caught by the team.

The relieved resident said he was frightened when he came out of his kitchen and could not find the snake.

He added: "I looked for the snake as I wanted to help the rescue workers, but I could not find it.

"I was worried because I thought the cobra could have slithered out of its hiding place and bit me while I was waiting for the experts to arrive.''

The snake was put into a sack to be released back to the wild.



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Location: Thailand