Brazilian man, 21, wounded in gas station shootout is cleared of killing two of his friends after being mistaken for a robber

Police in southeastern Brazil have cleared a man of any wrongdoing after his two friends were accidentally killed by a gas station security guard during a motorcycle robbery.

Kauê Oliveira Francisco, 21, and his friends Rodinei Alves dos Reis and Bruno Nascimento de Souza were on their way home after spending Saturday working at a spiritual holiday festival when they stopped to refuel their vehicle in Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo.

Surveillance footage at the gas station shows a robbery in progress seconds before their car arrives at the gas station.

In the recording, Caio Jorge Marques and his accomplice can be seen walking near the fuel pump before approaching a group of people, including two guards, and pointing their weapons at them.

Oliveira Francisco, 21, told Brazilian outlet G1 that he and his friends decided to remain inside the car while the robbery was in progress.

fter getting their targets to lie on the ground, Marques made his way to a motorcycle parked near the fuel pump and grabbed a helmet while the other suspect waited for him on another motorcycle they were about to steal.

A gunfight ensued as one of the guards, Emanuel Formagio, shot towards the armed thug who was escaping on the motorbike. A second guard, Adriano Borges Rodrigues, chased after Marques and fired in his direction.

Formagio and Borges Rodrigues told the police that Oliveira Francisco, dos Reis and de Souza were traveling in the same car with the two robbery suspects.

They also said that that one of them fired at the car, killing dos Reis and de Souza.

But the investigators learned otherwise after reviewing the surveillance recording.


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