Massive professional gang tries to rob a bank on a small town in Brazil

The Sao Paulo crime syndicate PCC tries to rob a bank on a brazilian small town where they believed the police response would be weak and slow. The reason they did such heist is related to a drug bust who seized 125t of narcotics leaving them with a massive financial lost.

For knowing this MO of targeting small towns the SP Police intelligence started to install special units in those towns, better prepared to deal with criminals with military grade guns and some level of training

By the end of the night more than 20 criminals was arrested, wounded and one death. Two officers was shot as well but their conditions are safe and expecting a full recovery. The heist was a failure.


By: SladeForelly (1701.00)

Tags: Law Enforcement brazil brazilian police shootout bank heist robber killed violence on off duty special forces swat gunfight gang

Location: Brazil