US air force carpet-bombs ‘Isis-filth-infested island’ in Iraq

The US air force has released a video showing fighter jets carpet-bombing an island it said was “infested” with Isis fighters.

The footage shows the small, tree-covered Qanus island, in Iraq’s Saladin province, peppered with a series of huge explosions in quick succession.

A spokesperson for the US-led coalition to defeat Isis said the strikes on Tuesday were aimed at destroying a “major transit hub” for Isis forces moving between the Jazeera desert into the Mosul region. It was followed by a ground operation by Iraqi forces.

The bombing run was carried out by F15 and F35 fighter jets, which dropped 36,000kg of bombs on the “Daesh infested island,” a tweet from the spokesperson added.

“We’re denying Daesh the ability to hide on Qanus Island,” said Major General Eric T. Hill, Special Operations Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, commander. “We’re setting the conditions for our partner forces to continue bringing stability to the region.”



By: ratsass (5724.20)

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Location: Iraq