Office recovers 15 kilos of cocaine that washed up on beach

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous call Friday at 7 p.m. about a duffel bag that washed up on the beach on Surfview Drive in the Hammock area of Palm Coast.

The duffel bag was covered in barnacles and seaweed and contained 15 individually wrapped packages. The bag also contained a large amount of sand and shells, indicating that it had clearly been in the ocean for some time.

One of the kilo-sized bricks was opened and a block of white substance was exposed, according to the report. The substance field-tested positive for cocaine.

"It is likely that these drugs have been in the ocean for a long time, and they just happened to wash up on our beach from the rough surf and wind we have had the last few days," Sheriff Rick Staly said. "I'm thankful that the person who located the bag did the right thing and called us. These are dangerous narcotics and could be deadly in the wrong hands."

A search of the beach was conducted, and no additional bags were located. Surrounding law enforcement agencies were notified of the narcotics so that they could also check their beaches.



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Location: Flagler County Sheriff's Office