Angry boyfriend chases biker after revving at jaywalking girlfriend

An angry boyfriend chased after a biker after he revved his engine at his jaywalking girlfriend.

The road rage row was caught on camera by the motorcyclist on Henry Street in Dublin, Ireland

His reeving sparked a torrent of abuse from the furious man who yelled: “Don’t you ever rev that bike around my girlfriend ever again” and “My girlfriend has heart problems.”

"I was on my way home, filtering through extreme traffic when a girl ran in front of my motorcycle. This is a one-way street and she wasn't even looking into the direction the traffic was coming from. I revved my bike to warn her and make her aware of myself," the filmer told Newsflare.

"Couple hundred meters down the road, her 'boyfriend' confronted me, yelled at me, and was talking nonsense in an aggressive manner."

The foul-mouthed dashcam clip was captured on November 23, 2018.



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