Chinese woman 'spits at police and attacks cyclist after jaywalking' in the Philippines

This is the shocking moment a Chinese worker in the Philippines was arrested after allegedly attacking a cyclist and spitting at a traffic officer.

Dong Li, 27, sparked concern when she was acting erratically in the upmarket Bel-Air distinct of Makati City in Manila on July 7.

Police allegedly tried to detain her for jaywalking through the commercial hub but she became aggressive.

Shocked onlooker Jayson Boongaling recorded the altercation while taking his sister to work in one of the nearby buildings.

In the video, the Dong appears to repeatedly hit a cyclist with her umbrella before being detained by on-duty traffic officers.

However, she then broke free from the officers and allegedly spat into their faces while trying to throw punches and kicks at them.

The Makati City Police arrested her and charged her with physical injury and disobedience to persons in authority.

Makati City Police Colonel Oscar Jacildo said: ''We have already coordinated with Chinese Embassy and Bureau of Immigration to determine her status.''

If found guilty, Dong will be fined 550 pesos (10 USD) and spend 10 days in jail.



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