The driver could not cope with the trailer and provoked a fatal accident

On Saturday, May 23, a serious fatal accident occurred on the highway near Minsk in Belarus, which fell into the lens of an eyewitness registrar.

The driver of the Toyota car, moving with the trailer on which the construction equipment was located, lost control and was sharply drifted to the left, where he ran into a passing Renault Duster.

After that, Renault moved into a ditch and ran into a tree. According to media reports , at the time of the strike, a 71-year-old passenger in the back seat flew out of the Duster. She died from her injuries on the spot.

In addition, a 60-year-old man driving a Renault and his 59-year-old wife were injured.

The car of the alleged culprit of the accident also could not stay on the road and ended up outside the carriageway.



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