Normany Four Meeting in Preparation

After West have woken up to the realities of the upcoming unipolar world and became competing for Russian favor, they realized that they need to resolve crisis in Ukraine, that they themselves created, before they can proceed in improving relations with Russia. Recently the loudest proponent of 180 in relations to Russia was French president Emanuel Macron, who announced that EU can't survive in the new world order without strategic partnership with Russia. To that end Macron wants to arrange for a new Normandy Four meeting (Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine) seeing conditions favorable after complete defeat of pro-Western president Poroshenko in Ukraine. West thinks that Russia will be more open to talks with the new president Zelensky who isn't burdened with negative past in Relations to Russia and won mostly thanks to pro-Russian Ukrainian voters.

On Monday 02.09.2019 meeting of the aides to the leaders of the Normandy Four leaders was held in Berlin. Vladimir Surkov took part on the Moscow side. However meeting did not result in the Normandy Four meeting been set. According to rumors, Moscow want to see first progress in implementing Minsk Agreements on the Ukrainian side and exchange of the prisoners. Ukraine signed Minsk Agreements but does not want to implement them, because they give special status to Donbas and signal defeat of Ukraine in the war. Goal of which was forceful subjugation of the rebellious region and subjecting it to forced Ukrainisation. Implementing it would also mean that Ukraine would have to officially acknowledge that it is fighting it's own citizens, rather then fictional Russian invasion, created by Ukrainian and Western propaganda. West on it's part was playing hypocritical game of officially insisting on implementation of Minsk Agreements while doing nothing to force pro-Western puppet regime in Kiev to actually implement them.

Given Moscow seems to have set fulfillment of the Minsk Agreements as a precondition to any progress in relations to solving conflict in Ukraine, that might change. Given Ukraine is totally dependent on Western support, including financial, they have all the leverage for forcing Ukraine to finally stop shooting war and start implementing Minsk Agreement. It will became test of wherever Western leaders mean their 180 in policy toward Russia seriously or it's just another Obama-like fake "reset" that is aimed at fooling Russians in to giving concessions in return for empty phrases.

More info in Russian by Ukrainian journalist Olesya Medvedeva:


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