The capture of the APU fighter threatening to blow up the bridge

The 42-year-old native of Crimea, threatening to blow up a bridge in Kiev, faces a life sentence - investigators interpreted his actions as preparation for a terrorist attack. The detention of the suspect was filmed on video.

At about five in the evening, Alexey Belko drove in his car with the flag of Ukraine onto the subway across the Dnieper and started firing into the air, after which he announced his intention to blow up the structure. More than 300 security officers pulled to the place, blocked traffic on the bridge and in the subway. After short negotiations, as can be judged by the personnel, the native of Foros agreed to lay down his arms.

The frames show how a man throws a weapon, gets out of a foreign car’s interior and lays on the asphalt, after which he is handcuffed. During the inspection of the car, the investigators found a tube from a grenade launcher, a hunting rifle, a rifled carbine and a pistol, but did not find traces of explosives.

According to some reports, Senior Sergeant Belko served in the Donbass, and then served as head of the radio station of the radio center of the field communications center of the military unit A3628, located in Brovary, Kiev region. Recently, he went AWOL, was sent to a guardhouse, but also left it without permission. A number of sources report that the cause of the turmoil of the serviceman was love drama.

He faces a life sentence under the article "Preparation of a terrorist attack."


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Location: Crimean Peninsula