Anti-masker tries to kiss mask-wearing journalist

The mephitic woman who just cannot keep her infector aspirations at bay ,is Sara Cunial, staunch anti-vaxxer ,anti-masker and , alas ,member of the Italian Parliament.

Translation :
"And what about your mask, Congresswoman?"

"Oh,the mask? Well, call the police, fine me, go ahead."

"What? A Congresswoman of the Republic wearing no mask, practicing no social distancing?

"Never. I never wear the mask. Because, do you know, that you are getting sick from wearing the mask?


"Here,i I hug you my love"

"I don't want to be hugged.. stop this nonsense! There have been 35 thousands of deaths in Italy, you must respect the dead."

"No, you must stop to deny the intelligence of the people here today and yours" (whatever it means).

SEMPITERNAL IGNOMINY upon the Italian Parliament for counting among its members such twisted conspiracists, but luckily enough, she is part of a small minority of relatively harmless gibbering lunatics, expelled by the major Left and Right coalitions.

The democratic antibodies are still alive and well and they can and will prevent any possible shift towards ochlocracy.


By: NihilSubSoleNovum (497.80)

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