Boy, 8, Impaled On Tree While Picking Plums... Walks Home With Branch Sticking Out Of Chest

This eight-year-old boy was lucky to be alive today after falling and being impaled on a tree branch while he was picking plumbs. Suresh had climbed the tree and was standing on one branch while he shook another to try and dislodge the fruits.
But the youngster lost his footage and slipped from around 14ft high - landing on the sharp edge of a branch that pierced the side of his body. The tree branch came back out through Suresh's stomach - narrowly missing vital organs - before snapping off as he plunged to the ground. Incredibly, the brave lad walked almost half-a-mile back to his village with the branch protruding from his chest. Horrified locals in the town of Barwani in Madhya Pradesh, India, rushed to help the injured youngster, who has no surname on record and is from a poor tribal family, after the incident on January 10.


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Location: India