The Democrats Are Pushing A Dangerous Lie

Being a Presidential candidate for the Democrats is a ruthless endeavor. You either play ball with the status quo and tow the line for globalism or you get ostracized like Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi has been a Drudge poll favorite, racking up runaway poll numbers for both Democratic debates. Almost doubling the numbers of all the other candidates combined. Media Matters claimed it was all rigged by 4chan, while Tulsi’s campaign funding Google Adsense account had been mysteriously dropped during the height of her popularity. And now she has been deemed a Russian agent by Kamala Harris after she annihilated her during the debate. Filmmaker Michael Moore Claims the Democrats need a fighter.Yet he suggests Michelle Obama drop in the race rather than back a real fighter like Iraq war veteran Tulsi Gabbard who continues to serve as a major in the Hawaii Army National Guard. But there is a darker side to Tulsi's quest for the Presidential Grail. She and DNC overlord Debbie Wasserman Schultz have sparred for America's soul since the last election. No, if you want to be on the Democratic ticket. You need to join the chorus of Democrats who are pushing the envelope of national security by twisting the President's tough words about the crisis at the border and what very few have said loudly until now about the corruption plaguing our inner cities by politicizing a national tragedy.

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