Suspect resists arrest, leads police on dangerous pursuit

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office arrested Robert Ferris, a 32-year-old man from Las Vegas, on Saturday after a daring pursuit.

According to a release from Captain Boruchowitz, Ferris was stopped by Deputy Hoffman with Nye County for driving o the wrong side of the road. During the stop, Hoffman learned that Ferris had a violent history and that the vehicle was stolen.

When Hoffman tried to place Ferris under arrest, he drove off, dragging Deputy Hoffman a few feet.

A roughly 10-minute car chase began with speeds reaching 100 miles per hour. It ended when Ferris lost control of his vehicle outside of the Gold Town Casino, at which point he tried to escape on foot.

A trooper with the Nevada Highway Patrol assisted with Ferris’ arrest, during which he continued to resist officers.

Deputies found on Ferris a glass pipe and two small baggies of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

In the vehicle, which Ferris crashed into another vehicle in the parking lot of the casino, deputies found a backpack containing the same type of mushrooms. They discovered 19 grams in total of the controlled substance.

Ferris is being charged with numerous crimes including assault on a protected person with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon, resisting a public officer with a deadly weapon and possession and trafficking of a controlled substance.

A female passenger that was with Ferris at the time of the initial traffic stop exited the stolen car safely during the pursuit. Capt. Boruchowitz says that she is not being charged with any crimes.

Deputy Hoffman has since been released from the hospital after sustaining minor injuries.



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